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Why should I get my carpet professionally cleaned?

Carpets will eventually get dirty, there is no getting away from it. Floor coverings are going to be affected by everyday use, soiling from foot traffic, pets, spillages and airborne soiling. All this soiling and airborne particulates will settle and sink into the pile of your carpets, leaving them looking dull
and dirty.


The appearance of your carpet is not the only problem caused by soiling. If a regular cleaning regime is not followed to remove the soil and particulates from your carpet, the life of your carpet will be greatly reduced. The particulates in your carpet can act like sand paper on your carpet fibres, and
every time you walk, turn or twist on your carpet, the fibres can be worn through abrasion. This is caused by the particulates rubbing against the fibres.

Although you cannot completely stop the wear on your carpet, you can certainly slow it down. Regular vacuuming and an annual professional carpet clean will increase the life of your carpets. Placing mats at doorways, using rugs and removing shoes will also extend the life of your carpets, and if possible change the layout of your room.

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  • Assess the carpets composition and structure to determine its suitability for hot water extraction.
  • Make the room ready for cleaning by moving furniture.
  • Vacuum carpet both ways, north to south and east to west using a Sebo BS36 twin motor Vacuum. This is done to achieve a better final result. Vacuuming this way removes 80 to 85% of soiling from the carpet.
  • Pre-treat specific stains and marks on the carpet. This is done by spot cleaning, using special solution and techniques. This will increase the likelihood of the stains and marks being removed.
  • Spray the carpets with cleaning solution.
  • Agitate the pile of the carpet using a CRB machine (Counter Rotating Brush). This is done to not only work the cleaning solution into the pile but to also lift the pile, this will aid extraction later on.
  • Wash and rinse the carpet using an Airflex storm extraction machine.  The powerful Airflex storm will not only give your carpets a deep wash and rinse but it will take away most of the water, leaving your carpets only slightly damp and ready to use in just a few hours.
  • Brush and groom the carpets to set the pile, this not only improves the look of the carpet but improves drying time.
  • Furniture will be replaced on foam blocks to stop the possibility of dyes or varnishes leaching into the carpet. The blocks will also help with air flow which will aid drying times.
  • The air mover machine will then be used to help with the drying.